Born Through Technology

Cartel-free diamonds,
sustainably grown in California.

It’s no coincidence that diamonds symbolize love and commitment as they're a beautiful dichotomy of complexity and simplicity. Every diamond on earth has its own DNA (the 4’C’s) that make it one-of-a-kind. Like fingerprints, these characteristics symbolize the unique qualities we have as humans, reminding us that something beautiful doesn’t have to be perfect.

While we stand behind diamonds and their meaning, we don’t stand behind the practices of the industry.

Using traditionally mined diamonds didn’t sit right with us; they change hands too many times, so there’s no guarantee that what you’re receiving is conflict-free.

Fortunately, there’s a new way. Diamonds, sustainably grown through technology in Silicon Valley. Diamond Foundry is growing real diamonds with the same beautiful characteristics as mined diamonds, but done the right way. So we joined forces to disrupt this ‘closed-door’ industry, creating positive and sustainable change along the way.

About Diamond Foundry

By harnessing the energy of the sun, Diamond Foundry has recreated the conditions in which diamonds form in nature. The result is ethical and sustainable diamonds grown through technology in California.

After years of solar power innovation, the team of Ivy League engineers uncovered a fourth state of matter. One by one, atoms attach to a sliver of nature’s carbon lattice, growing into a pure rough diamond within weeks.

The final product is a better diamond — cartel-free with zero carbon footprint.

The Diamond Growing Process:

01: Start with a 'Seed'

Each diamond is grown from a sliver of diamond previously grown — a completely self-sustaining cycle forged by Diamond Foundry engineers here in California.

02: Sun On Earth

The diamond sliver is placed inside a plasma reactor that replicates the energy and intensity of the sun’s outer core. This multiplies the sliver’s carbon lattice, growing the diamond atom by atom through solar energy.

03: Finished By Hand

Once the rough stone has taken form, our master cutters remove its thin outer layer of carbon to expose the diamond’s unique brilliance - a form and process identical to a mined diamond.

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