Human-Centered Design

Designed to live with you;
the beauty lies in the details.

For too long the design of the ring has been an afterthought; a generic setting whose sole purpose is to showcase the diamond. We believe the design and diamond are equally important, so we set out to re-build the ring from the ground up.

From the width of the band to the height of the setting, we changed a lot but in really subtle ways.

Our goal is to create rings that are thoughtful yet practical, easy to wear and designed to complement your everyday life. Crafted by hand in Los Angeles, each ring is made to fit the exact dimensions of your diamond; making no two rings the same.

Diamond Foundry

The future of diamonds; sustainably grown
through technology in Silicon Valley.

Minimal Band

Designed to go where you go; the perfect
band width for everyday wear.

Refined Prongs

A sophisticated balance of round and sharp;
small details that make all the difference.

Low-Domed settings

A diamond that sits low in the setting;
confidently designed for you, not for show.